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New Member Mandy Dayal presented an engaging and inspirational story about growing up in South Africa as a "non-white," in the days of Apartheid, and her journey to reach Australia.
  • being born and raised in a fruit orchard;
  • being segregated and told where to live;
  • how she had a Dutch friend, but they couldn't sit together to eat;
  • how she joined Jaycees, and went to a world convention after navigating family concerns;
  • The turmoil in South Africa after Nelson Mandela took over in 1994;
  • Why she decided to bring up her children outside South Africa, and ended up in New Zealand as a merit-based migrant (not a refugee);
  • Her stories about the huge cultural shock and the challenges of making a start in New Zealand were a little uncomfortable for one Kiwi;
  • How her family eventually came to Australia by way of a Company transfer in 2004, and enjoy the multi-cultural life.
Former PM Malcolm Fraser coined the phrase that "life wasn't meant to be easy." However the saying that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" may better reflect Mandy's journey.