• Liam Keating was nominated for his work as Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leader. Liam works tirelessly to ensure all students at Williamstown High School have access to quality education and receive the support they need to be healthy, happy and productive people. Liam leads the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Team and his enthusiasm, knowledge and work ethic inspire other staff to always pursue the very best outcomes for some of our most vulnerable students and families. He is leading the implementation of the Dept. of Education supported programs: "School Wide Positive Behaviour Support" and "Respectful Relationships."
  • Melinda McKeegan was nominated for her dedication in supporting students at the Pasco Campus with Additional Education Needs (AEN). Her leadership, knowledge and compassion has ensured that AEN students are provided with an array of supports to ensure their individual pathway success at Williamstown High School. In particular, Melinda's efforts and dedication in ensuring Year 12 VCE students with additional education needs are provided with supports that enable them to experience a more level "playing field" have been invaluable. She is an integral support to families of AEN students, who can often be marginalised in an educational setting, championing their individual academic growth and success.