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Past President Jan Douglas was delighted to present the inaugural Rotary Altona City Citizenship Award to Alex Gatt, a member of the inaugural Year 12 graduating class at Altona College. Congratulations Alex!
We look forward to further discussions with Altona College, in the new year, about potential interest in Earlyact, and a Pilot Mock Job Interview program.
The pandemic sent everyone into a spin where suddenly, we were all forced to adapt to a socially isolated world. At lightning speed, teachers adopted new modes of teaching that embraced the family unit. It was uber timely that Rotary Club of Altona City established the Hobsons Bay Rotary Teacher Awards program in 2018. Focusing on early career stage teachers, experienced teachers, and teams, the awards recognize and encourage outstanding performance in local schools.
Award founder, Past District Governor and Assistant Principal Baden Powell College, Julie Mason says that it’s never been more important to support and honour teachers.
“The requirements we’ve put on teachers in the COVID environment have been extraordinary so it’s particularly relevant to acknowledge their work. Teachers had to pivot between onsite and remote learning while supporting student's families and in many cases, having to home-school their own children."  
The Zoom award ceremony took place, 18 October, 2021. It was a powerful event telling stories of passion, dedication and relationship building that went beyond the student teacher relationship and into the families.
Julie Mason says there’s a great synergy between the education sector and Rotary- acting with integrity, giving service and demonstrating leadership.
“Both institutions are involved in developing student agency and leadership. We all want students to thrive. Our self-sacrificing teachers went beyond expectations in a crisis situation to achieve this.”
Rotary aims to become more aligned with education and foster opportunities for increased collaboration between Rotary and schools. This will increase Rotary visibility and hopefully attract new members.
Altona College nominated early career stage teachers Megan Clerkin, Blair Clearihan-Jervies and Zoe Harrison for encouragement awards. Their nominations highlighted exceptional starts to their teaching careers, working proactively with students and parents to develop and cement strong home/school partnerships during remote learning periods. 
Bayside P – 12 College principal, Nolene Symons, nominated Olivia Hall and Sarah Hamilton, for encouragement awards. They’re in their second year of teaching, much of which has been spent in remote learning. Their enthusiasm sees them innovating fun and creative ways to engage students online. Their involvement in a variety of school programs has resulted in meaningful connections with families and the wider community. 
Emmanuel College nominated Amy Wilson-Matesvac and Keenan Gatens for encouragement awards. Amy was commended for working diligently to provide students with engaging, challenging and differentiated content, both in person and while remote, while Keenan was acknowledged for always striving to make lessons engaging and creative by including twenty-first century skills.
Wembley Primary School nominated Rachel Cullen and Benjamin Landolina for early career stage encouragement awards. Rachel’s planning was commended for attention to detail and innovative qualities, demonstrating enormous flexibility and persistence during one of the most difficult times in education. Ben was nominated by the parents of his class for going above and beyond on every call with the class in remote and flexible learning.
Wembley PS educators who stood out included Achievement Award winners Candice DeChalain, Renee Johnson and Linda Turner. Chandice DeChalain’s dexterity led to her dealing with a challenging student on a minute-by-minute basis. She made constant adjustments that ensured the wellbeing of the student while continuing to execute her responsibilities to the rest of the class.
The Rotary team awards recognise groups of teachers who have collaborated effectively to address an important challenge or new development for a school. 
Wembley shone once more when its Year 1 team created methods to develop student’s social skills while continuing to deliver quality education, despite the many challenges their families may have faced. 

  • Tim has a background in physics, journalism, documentary photography, gardening, education and more than twenty-five year's experience generating archival photographic records.
  • His endeavours incorporate both tangible and intangible heritage, gathering personal stories of built forms and merging science with art in his poetic images. 
Talk Synopsis: The Burke and Wills and Lewis and Clark expeditions were amazing feats of stamina and courage. Mike's talk outlines the rationale for each expedition and reviews their parallels and contrasts while highlighting some of the incredible events which occurred during these treks.
About the Speaker: Mike is from Wollongong. He came to Melbourne to undertake an MSc at Monash University at age 20.
After a few short years in Melbourne, Mike had a wife (Carol), 4 kids and a mortgage. He had a long career in the IT industry based mainly in Melbourne but with re-locations to Sydney, Perth and Boyne Island in Central Queensland.
In retirement Mike and Carol play lots of golf and do a bit of travelling.
Mike is on the committee of the Burke and Wills Historical Society. In 2015 he spent 3 weeks following the Burke and Wills track from Melbourne to The Gulf.
In the last few years he has undertaken volunteer assignments helping with IT projects in Bandung, Indonesia, Quezon City in Manila and Kavieng in PNG.

PP Charlie Montebello in action

Altona City Rotary Club held its 19th annual charity golf day at Kooringal Golf Club raising money for kids with life-threatening conditions and other worthy causes.
Golf committee chairman Charlie Montebello (pictured) said that "In the past 11 years we have donated $109,000 to Very Special Kids through the charity golf day as well as another $50,000 which we have spent in the Community and on other Rotary projects."
Altona City Rotary's cycling group conducted a bicycle safety lesson for members of the Vietnamese Association in Hobsons Bay. A great use for the Louis Joel Carpark, and a wonderful afternoon. Many of these women grew up riding bikes in Vietnam and came out to Australia in the 80s as boat people. Afterwards, a Vietnamese banquet was shared.