Posted by Roger Lindley
We ended the month of September with the last Friday of the month "Let's Talk Rotary" lunch gathering at the Suan Pak Restaurant near Airport Plaza.
During each week in October club members participated in English Language Cultural Club Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday sessions at the BEAM Foundation.
On each Sunday morning of the month club members visited with patients and their parents at the B.K. Kee Patient House.
Our annual Winter Clothing Appeal boxes were placed at a number of locations around Chiang Mai and soon filled creating the need for several "sorting parties".
The new Interact Club at Chiang Mai International School has gained some new members and is planning a project at the B.K. Kee Patient House.
On the 2nd of October our club had its annual visit by the District Governor of D3360 DG Roongranee Sangsiri and her spouse Mr. Artit Sangsiri (above left).  A large group of club members and guests enjoyed an excellent banquet prepared by Hong Kong Lucky with everyone looking their best. 
Below is a series of photos of Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Herman trying to figure out how to Rock-the-Sash -- the first time he'd ever worn the "official" emblem of his office. He found the "bow" especially problematic until one of the female club members pointed out that it isn't a bow, but rather a band that holds both ends of the sash together.
On the 5th of October club members were at the Chiang Mai Expats Club Breakfast (CEC) for awareness elevation and exchange of “Change for Children” owl banks.
On the 7th of October some club members attended the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai North’s bowling fundraiser at Bully Bowl in Kad Suan Kaew mall.
On the 9th of October club members met with the President of Payap University (left) to discuss the possibility of our club sponsoring a Rotaract club at the university.
On the 16th of October our Membership Committee met with prospective member Cynthia Jianping at My Secret Café in Town.
On the 16th of October we held the third Tuesday in the month regular meeting. A number of visitors attended to hear Dr. Stephen Elliott and his team from CMU discussing their local reforestation efforts.
On the 19th of October club members attended the CEC breakfast meeting for “Change for Children” owl bank exchange and to sell tickets for the club’s Rock & Roll Fundraiser on the 9th of November.
On the 26th of October we had our last Friday in the month "Let's Talk Rotary" lunch at Butter is Better Restaurant.
On the 27th of October club members represented our CMIRC at the monthly general meeting of the Chiang Mai Expats Club. Owl banks were brought for exchange and tickets were for sale for our 9th of November Rock & Roll fundraiser.
On the 30th of October we held our fifth Tuesday of the month social event at club sponsor Pern’s Restaurant. The event theme was the food, dance and culture of Myanmar with dance performances by BEAM students (right).