Posted by Roger Lindley
On 3rd of April at our regular meeting the program was presented by Colin Jarvis (left) on the topic “How to Communicate with Thais Who Speak Little or No English”.

On 7th of April the meeting of Chiang Mai area President Elects to discuss possible joint project of providing used bicycles to schools for students to use who need transportation to school. The used bicycles, from Japan, are being provided by a Rotary club in D3350. A cost of 300 Baht per bicycle is needed for transport to Chiang Mai.

On 10th of April the the Membership and Public Information Committee met at the Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant.

On the 17th of April there was no regular meeting due to the Songkran Holiday.

On the 18th of April the CMIRC English Language Cultural Exchange Club Rotarian members met at Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant to discuss the program at BEAM.

On the 24th of April there was a CMIRC Board meeting.

On the 27th of April, there was a lunch social gathering of club members at the Lotus Hotel buffet celebrating “We Survived Songkran”.

On the 1st of May there will be a regular club meeting at Hong Kong Lucky Restaurant. Christa Crawford will present the program on the topic "Awareness and Action: Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Thailand/Myanmar."