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Posted by Gary Herman
CMIRC has been continuing to provide weekly support for Burma Children Medical Fund's (BCMF) Baan K. Kee Patient House in Chiang Mai throughout 2018. During our weekly visits, we continue to supply welcome kits for every new patient with toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries. In addition, we supply fresh fruit and cookies for treats.
We have many small gifts for the children, thanks to generous donations from Teddy Trekkers (shown above left) of Australia and clothing from our club's winter clothing program. Many of the future projects mentioned in our December Bulletin story are complete and others are in progress.
We have worked with patients on adding photos of each and every patient within cutouts to a photo tree in the library. We have also provided additional toys and educational materials for the children.
We have replaced the outdoor latrine that was built with scrap wood and corrugated aluminum with a much more substantial concrete structure. The new bathroom now has electric lighting and an attached sink. Pictures of before and after are below. 
We have provided some additional grates over drains that are more baby friendly in critical areas like the passageway between the shower room and dining area.
Our plans going forward include:
  1. Painting the entire front wall, both sides in cooperation with patient families. (paint has been purchased)
  2. Painting of the BCMF logo next to the entrance (We are looking for an artist)
  3. Replacement of shelving in the storage room that was damaged by the roof problem.
  4. Additional baby friendly grates for safety.
  5. At the request of Kanchana Thornton, founder of the Burma Children Medical Fund, we will be restarting the English Language discussion group.
We visit the patient house every Thursday morning at 10:00 for a couple of hours. The house is located in the Suthep district west of Chiang Mai just beyond the canal near the Begin Again CafĂ©.  Transportation is an easy ride by Grab, tuk-tuk or songthaew.   CMIRC members are welcome to contact Gary Herman if they'd like to participate in the project.