Posted by Jerry Nelson
You are cordially invited.....
to join us on our next tour of the Mae Tao Clinic and surrounding vicinity! The purpose of the tour is to give you an opportunity to learn more about the Mae Tao Clinic and the Mae Sot area. We plan to leave Chiang Mai on Wednesday 15 August and return on Saturday 18 August (See tentative agenda below). We need just two more people to confirm travel by a comfortable van. The more the better! The people who join us will decide where we eat, and in addition to the Mae Tao Clinic, what we see. Many decisions can be made at the last minute.
Travel Options
From Bangkok and Other Locations: There are many options including bus and air. Come to Mae Sot the way that is best for you and we'll met for dinner on Wednesday 15 August in Mae Sot. People coming from outside of Chiang Mai will share local transport costs with the rest of the group.
From Chiang Mai: Transport will be arranged based on the number of people who enroll. Options are:
  1. Rent a van for the entire trip. The approximate cost is 13,200 THB divided equally by all van passengers. This cost will cover travel to and from Mae Sot plus all local travel in Mae Sot. We have a van and driver reserved but must confirm with a down payment no later than Wed. 8 August.
  2. Arrange car pools and share expenses.
  3. Travel on the Green Bus. (We must hire local transport, shown right, while in Mae Sot).   
Lodging in Mae Sot
There are two options:
  1. We have reserved a block of rooms at PP Residence. Our cost is only 500 THB per night. Let me know if you want to stay at PP Residence and I’ll confirm your room.  Payment is made directly to the hotel. This hotel has an excellent reputation for cleanliness.
  2. Some may wish to stay with local friends or make their own reservations at a different property.
Tentative Agenda:
Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Travel to Mae Sot.
18:00 – Meet at parking lot of PP Residence.
18:05 – Go to dinner at Khaomao - Khaofang Restaurant, Maesot.
Thursday 16 August 2018
07:30 – 08:30 Breakfast.  Border line Café, Casa Mia, Canadian Dave’s ??
09:00 – Meet at parking lot of PP Residence.
09:30 – 12:00  Tour Mae Tao Clinic, likely the old campus and perhaps the Child Development Center. (birth registration shown at right)
12:00 – 13:00  Lunch, Vegetarian Restaurant (seems to not have another name, but the food is good) or The Pot restaurant.  
13:00 – 16:00 Tour Mae Tao Clinic, likely the new campus and perhaps the Child Development Center.
18:00 – Meet in the parking lot of PP Residence for dinner.
18:05  - Go to dinner at Passport Restaurant.
Friday 17 August 2018
Agenda is open and will depend on the desires of the people who come on the tour. Some possibilities include: The Morning Market, several different Community-based Organizations (CBOs), several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the big market by the river. As people reply, I will make contact and coordinate. Some people may choose to return to their homes on Thursday as well.
Saturday 18 August 2018
Agenda is very flexible until travel commitments are known.
Perhaps a walk through the morning market.
Perhaps breakfast at Borderline Café, or another place.
Depart from Mae Sot.
Final coordination will begin on Thursday 9 August.
Financial Cost: 
Every person on the tour is responsible for their own expenses. Anticipated expenses include:
Travel - If we go by van the cost will be about 13,200 THB shared by all who go. For example, if we have 8 people the cost will be approximately 1,650 THB each, but the cost could be slightly lower depending on fuel consumption. This would include all local transport while on the trip.
Lodging – For those staying at PP Residence, the cost will be 500 THB per night. Most of us will stay three nights.
Food - Depends on where we decide to eat. Khaomao Khaofang is the most expensive place I’ve suggested, and it is quite reasonable.
Souvenirs & Miscellaneous - Up to you.  
Final Comment .....
Please let me know as soon as possible if you can make this trip and your thoughts regarding the agenda. I need to commit to both the van company and to PP Residence no later than Wednesday 8 August. I do hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the Mae Tao Clinic, its neighbors and the fascinating border town of Mae Sot.