Posted by John Schorr
This year we begin our third year of offering water safety and drowning prevention classes to every fourth grade student at all eleven Chiang Mai Municipal Schools (that's the Chiang Mai municipal seal at left).  By the end of this year we will have provided 15 hours of survival swimming and water safety instruction to over 1,000 municipal school fourth graders! This CMIRC project has succeeded and continues to succeed thanks to the wonderful partnerships we have with Kru Payu Swim for our instructors, the Municipality of Chiang Mai for the coordination with the schools and for the transportation of the children to and from the pool and finally to the Bronco Kids Sport Club for providing the pool and all of the support services to keep the kids equipped, healthy, and safe.

This month we want to recognize our number one supporter in the municipal school system, Deputy Municipal School Administrator, Ajarn Adul Krueyot. Without Ajarn Adul’s early support and continued encouragement, our drowning prevention program would not have succeeded. CMIRC's Board of Directors has recently voted to honor Ajarn Adul (shown center, below) and to recognize him for the inspiration he is for doing good in our community. Ajarn Adul has been recently selected to become the Minister of Education in the Nong Khai Municipality and he will leave us this month.  We will miss him!