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Posted by Gary Herman
May has been a quiet month at the Burma Children Medical Fund's Baan K. Kee patient house in Chiang Mai with fewer patients due to the start of Low Season.  Starting June 10th we will be switching our weekly visit day to Sunday mornings in order to have greater interaction with the patients.  CMIRC members -- please let me know if you'd like to join us.
In May, we did have a re-start of our English Language conversation practice. Our first day was interesting. The photo is of two adult patients, one Thai and the other Karen, our only common language is the English all are practicing! One of the students in a wheelchair is the father of a baby recovering from surgery on both legs.
Our welcome kits for new patients include Toothpaste and brushes, soap and shampoo and other toiletries. We also provide some school supplies for older children. While shopping for supplies for welcome kits for the patients, Mike Lake and I ran into a Karen couple at Makro shopping for a church group supplying school supplies to Karen Villages near Mae Sot. There is need for a lot more!