Beginning the new calendar year, CMIRC members made three visits to the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K. House that were enjoyable to patients, family members, staff as well as Rotarian volunteers.
Playing BINGO for prizes has become a popular activity as well as painting figurines (right). The House also benefited from a visit by members of the Rotaract Club of Hong Kong Island East who came out and painted the BCMF logo (shown above, left) on the outer walls as well as other parts of the facility that needed some sprucing up. Fortunately, they came early in January before the travel concerns about coronavirus.
One story of interest is that two of the older residents during the month discovered they had known of each other when they were considerably younger. During this past Sunday‚Äôs visit, I was able to get the story from of the two residents. He grew up in the town of Kay Pu, in Burma. During 1956 due to political turmoil related to the Korean Revolution many people fled for safety to Kay Pu. One of those people was a young boy, who came with his family and settled in Kay Pu. This boy's mother began a school in the town. The other boy was at the time was 7 year old and was attending a school for younger children. His older brother however was of age that allowed him to attend this school that the older boy's mother founded. Although the boys were not friends and hung out together as children they still had a family connection through the older brother.
Fast forward over 60 years later and both ended up at the B. K. Kee Patient House. Over the course of several days and through many conversations about their past, they realized that they had a shared history. Although their reunion was under adverse circumstances, they each were very grateful that their paths crossed and they were able to share stories and memories of their loved ones during their time at the B.K. Kee House.
On the most recent visit we were honored to have Kanchana Thornton, Director of Burma Children Medical Fund join us on our visit, along with a few members of her staff. It was an opportune time for her visit as it coincides with the transition of Rotary Project Champion for the Patient House. PP Jerry Nelson, outgoing Project Champion Maliwan and myself were able to spend some time talking about various needs of the facility and how CMIRC can best support the Patient House. We have developed a wish list of projects and resources that are needed for the continued success of the B. K. Kee Patient House and for its parent organization, the Burma Children Medical Fund. 
I want to personally thank Maliwan and Jerry for their valuable assistance with the transition as well as fellow Rotarians: Gordona, Moshe, Raphael and Sally for coming out on recent visits and making generous contributions. If anyone is interested in joining us on future outings, we meet at the Shell gas station on Huay Kaew Rd every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.