Posted by Gary Herman

It's a real joy each each week to visit the Burma Children Medical Fund's (BCMF) B.K. Kee Patient House in Chiang Mai with Mike Lake and Roger Lindley. We would be happy to have others join our team!

During September, we had a lot of fun practicing English with a variety of patients and their families. There were two younger children one week and a baby returning from the hospital with his mother on our last visit of the month. Most patients were teens or older staying at the House. We were happy to see that the trend continued of patients completing treatment successfully and returning home, including a young teen with breathing problems through his trachea. Also a little girl with left eyelid tumor, 4 years old, from Myawaddy and her mom (below left). Another frequent patient who was in Chiang Mai for heart surgery was all dressed up, wearing a tie (below right).

We have had another visit by a great young man in a wheel chair. He is not a patient but stays at the house during school breaks. He is studying business & computers in Mae Hong Song & wants to eventually open an internet shop.

Mike Lake and I purchased some needed supplies including soap and shampoo dispensers with refills for the shower room.

Our construction helper Mit, who was born in Burma himself, did a great job at replacing damaged shelving, repairing safety grates with some clever welding, fixing doors that had swollen due to rain and burying a wire for the entrance lights in concrete.