This is the first in a series of observations from the convention in Seoul.  Here I will concentrate on Polio Eradication.
The general session on the eradication of polio was truly inspiring.  Much detail is available on line, especially at and; I won’t attempt to duplicate it here.  That said,  I will pass on the sentiment:  WE MUST totally defeat this horrible disease and that will take more work and more money.  Every club is urged to do fundraising activities and make contributions to Polio Plus.

My personal favorite is “Rotarian Flavors of the World Cookbook – A Collection of 400 recipes from over 100 countries.  The books are only $15.00 USD.  $5.00 USD goes to Polio Plus.  There are many great uses beyond adding it to your own collection of kitchen expertise or individual gifts.  What about Club events, Weekly Program Speaker Gifts or District Events?    
Because they placed useful basic information about Rotary in the book, it is a perfect gift for a prospective member.
To order please call +1 847-302-6310 or email