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Posted by Jerry Nelson
June is Rotary Fellowship month and is the last month of the Rotary Year; a time to reflect. Jennifer A. Harhigh, U.S. Consulate General, Chiang Mai recently said “Good intentions, in of themselves, are not enough”. I totally agree! We must be “People of Action” and we are!
The CMIRC Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program has been awarded a booth at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada. Our President-Elect John Schorr will be there June 23 - 27, at booth 705 in the House of Friendship. Please visit us.
Recently, Rotarian Gary Herman started an informal lunch group “Let's Talk Rotary” that meets on the last Friday of each month at the Lotus Hotel in Kad Suan Kaew mall. Although I haven't been able to attend, I’m told that this informal group is popular and a great tool for fellowship within our club.
One of the goals in our strategic plan is to sponsor an Interact Club. I’m delighted to report a “kickoff” meeting at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) on 24 May.  We anticipate the Interact club will be chartered as early as September. CMIS staff, students and CMIRC Rotarians are all excited about this new avenue into community service! Many thanks to honorary member Stasha Malcolm for her great efforts coordinating the startup of this club and to Rotarian Michael Gholson for taking a leadership role in this new program.
The Children’s Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Program, championed by President-Elect John Schorr, serves the 11 Tessaban schools in Chiang Mai. The relationship established with the Chiang Mai municipal government is allowing us to expand support for these poor schools in the coming months. We anticipate a Children’s Vision Screening project in conjunction with Chiang Mai University School of Medicine and the introduction of our English Language Cultural Exchange program as well.  We anticipate that the 11 Tessaban schools will become a Rotary Community Corps.
Championed by Rotarian Mike Lake and recently Gary Herman, our project at the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K.Kee patient house has improved the facility by overseeing the repair of roofs, rebuilding toilet rooms and putting grates over drains in the area. A library has been established and a sala placed in the yard. Members also spend time with the children, playing games and helping them with conversational English.
Our newest project, the English Language Cultural Club, is currently concentrating on helping students at BEAM. Project Champion Linda Pfotenhauer, in coordination with the BEAM staff, has found opportunities for their students to interact with our members while learning skills necessary to take the American G.E.D. test and become more competitive in their quest for both higher education and employment.
At the Mae Tao Clinic, we have had a very successful year in both fund raising and the conducting of informational tours. Our fundraising efforts for RY 2017-2018 have been mostly directed at supporting the Child Development Center’s pre-G.E.D. program and funding students who wish to attend G.E.D. programs in Mae Sot and in Chiang Mai.  Our efforts for RY 2018-2019 will include informational tours and support for the birth registration program.  It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Champion of the Mae Tao Clinic project.
The bulletin in which this article appears has been under the championship of Nancy Lindley for the past few months.  Since she took it over from yours truly, the quality has greatly improved.   Congratulations and thank you Nancy!
I’m confident that all will agree that CMIRC has indeed taken good intentions and turned them into great results. While the business of this club is done in the English language it is the language of the heart that allows us to move forward and to accomplish what we have done and what we will do. What we need are more committed members, people who live in the Chiang Mai area and are looking for opportunities to give back to community. It’s an opportunity for both fellowship and service! Care to find out more? Just contact me, or any member of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club.
My sincere thanks to all the members of Chiang Mai International Rotary Club, our District 3360 officers, especially DG Nithi Soongsawan, our supporters from around the globe, especially the Rotary Club of Kamloops West, B.C. and Safe Child Thailand.  You have made Rotary Year 2017-2018 a blazing success.   Thank you!