Posted by Gary Herman
The month of July was a quiet at the Burma Children Medical Fund's B.K. Kee Patient House with relatively few patients, including only a few new patients. However, that allowed Rotarian Mike, CP Roger and me the opportunity to work closely with the patients and their family members on English language conversational skills. Although the house is primarily focused on children it is open to patients of all ages needing treatment in Chiang Mai hospitals. 
We are blessed to have an ongoing friendship with a 15 year old and her mother (below, left). The teenager is a long-term patient whose leg was crushed in a house fire.  She is becoming more and more confident in her English language skills and is more outspoken every week! 
CP Roger has been able to give special attention to a 55 year old gentleman with eyesight problems (below, right). The man is very excited to be able to participate and came to Chiang Mai with no English language skills. During the short time Roger has been able to work with him, he has been able to learn a lot of the basics.
Most often you will see mothers accompanying their babies; there are two babies being treated right now. In the picture at left are: Rotarian Mike Lake, Mi Aye who has worked at the house for three years, a two month old baby with Mama, the inquisitive teenager, a ten-month old baby with a back tumor and Mama.
Our big contribution this past month was a new high capacity washing machine to replace one that broke beyond repair several months ago. Large capacity is needed to wash blankets and other bedding.
Many thanks to Rotarian Mike and his wife Sunee for their generous donation that made the purchase possible.