Posted by Linda Pfotenhauer

On October 1, 2018 CMIRC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BEAM (Bridging Educational Access to Migrants) to formally engage the English Language Cultural Exchange Club. Present at the ceremony were (shown from left, below) project chairperson Linda Pfotenhauer, Rotarian Roger Lindley, John Schorr (CMIRC president), the BEAM director, Phyo Aung (BEAM manager), and other BEAM staff.

Sessions with two groups of BEAM students then began on October 2, continuing with the stated goals of building and enhancing English language skills through a cultural exchange.

Approximately 30 BEAM students (2 groups) are engaged in these sessions. Each group meets twice a week, one-and-one-half hour sessions.

The sessions include all aspects of culture and activities and stem from BEAM’s stated preferences of a focus on note-taking, oral comprehension, class presentations and class debate.

Three Rotarians lead these sessions: Roger Lindley, Gary Herman, and Linda Pfotenhauer, each giving approximately 2 hours weekly at BEAM, in addition to considerable time with advance preparation and review of the students' compositions.