Meet Naw Gold Rain, a product of the Child Development Center and now one of their English Teachers and Student Advisor.    
Her detailed story is below.   Here is an extremely brief summary:
  • 2008 –2009  - :Student at CDC
  • 2010 – 2012 - Studied G.E.D. in Minma Haw, Mynmar
  • 2012 – 2016 – Studied at Asia Pacific International University in Saraburi Province Thailand made possible by a scholarship from Child’s Dream Foundation.   She graduated 22 May 2016 with a degree in education
  • 27 May 206 to present:   Teacher at CDC.  Naw Gold Rain is teaching English.  She is advisor to the Student Council and serves as the scholarship coordinator.   She is a living example of what can be attained even in desperate situations! 
Education is the most sustainable thing we can possibly facilitate.  Knowing full well that there are many brilliant children with little or no opportunities because of their political and economic situation CMIRC and Mae Tao Clinic is considering a project to provide General Education Development (G.E.D.) scholarships to qualified migrant children in the Mae Sot area.  
Abundant Blessings, 
Jerry Nelson
CMIRC Mae Tao Clinic Champion
\\ Naw Gold Rain’s story as written by the Child Development Center//
Being a migrant student especially in CDC school last six years ago was like making a risky investment for the future. Unless there was luck, no one could reach to their highest potential. Last six years ago, when she was a CDC’s high school student, the opportunities for young adults were very limited since most students had no legal document.  she had always felt insecure regarding her future education and career like her other classmates because there had been no one who continues university education before her patch. On contrast, she felt that she was loved and cared by the CDC teachers and staffs. She received the best education that she ever had in her past school years. She had never studied English with native speaker when she was in her mother land. It was unaffordable for her family to give her a chance to study with native English speakers. The support and encouragement that she received from CDC family was very magnificent. Even though CDC was not able to send her to the university directly, teachers helped to find many alternative ways to enter the university.  With the love and help from CDC school, she was able to enter to GED program (General Education Development) in 2011 after she finished her high school in CDC.
She studied GED program for a year with 24 classmates. It was very competitive and intensive since the chance of getting scholarship was less than the number of the students. Out of 24 students, only the top 7 would be able to go to university.  Unless she was at the top of the class, she would not make it to the university. So, she felt that every day was a war for all of her who was studying in GED program. Teachers kept tracking their daily and monthly assessment to compare with the past and present skills. She was able to survive in the ring with the help of her skills from CDC school and supports from CDC family such as stipend, dry food and some toiletries. When the time came, she was selected as a candidate to study in the university with full scholarship. she became one of the very first CDC students who went to the university. 
With the GED certificate, She was accepted to study Education and Psychology in Asia Pacific International University in 2012. She had experienced university life and was able to fulfill her dream that she once thought impossible. She did not need to worry about tuition fees, living expenses as well as pocket money when she was studying. Her university life was easy and smooth which made her forgot all the hardships that she endured when she was young.  After four years in university, 28 years of her life, she successfully received her first bachelor degree which made her into the first CDC student to graduate from an international university.
After all these years, she has learned that for a person to fulfill his or her dreams, the person itself and environment are very important. It is necessary for a person to have willingness, supporter and wait for the right timing to be able to achieve his or her goal. No matter how much she tried and work hard if there was no one who showed her the right path, it would take her longer to reach her goal. Therefore she believes that if she did not get to study in CDC school, she will not be who she is today. Through the guided of CDC teachers, she was now standing in front of 77 students teaching what she has learned from the past years.
Currently, she was teaching grade 11 and 12 students in CDC school. Although teaching high school students especially in CDC school is not easy, she is still grateful for the chance. Since the beginning of the school years, every day is full of challenges. In a classroom, there are around 25 to 28 students with   5 different levels. Teaching different levels of students is quiet challenging and tiring. Sometime make her wanted to give up on teaching. As she continues teaching, she begins to fall in love with teaching and understand her students more. On the other hand, she has been as a student in migrant learning centre as the same situation with currently students. But the opportunities are more coming to CDC. However, she believes that with the experience of teaching in CDC school, she will be able to go up to another level easily when the time comes and apply her experience with meaningfully. She was helping CDC students to make a change in their life. She said that She was guiding CDC students like what her previous teachers did with her last six years ago. She comes back to CDC school in order to show her gratitude as well as helping children who are hungry of education. There is no doubt that she understands the students more than anyone else since she was once a student in this school.
Since she fulfills one of her dreams, she was looking forward to another one which is her Master Degree again. After two years in CDC, she plans to continue her further study with education administration and develop the high education for young leader again with education. She ever talks about that before she knew CDC, her life was hard and her future was vague. Luckily her life has change ever since she gets to know CDC school. She says “Like a seed meet the correct temperature and grow into a healthy plant, I meet the temperature that is just right for me”. And nowadays, CDC school has become the source of her success.