On Thursday CMIRC members, led by “Team Wells,” visited the Burma Children’s Medical Fund Patient House. We delivered a "One World Play" indestructible football, and Jeannie Wells also arranged for students from a hair cutting school to visit and give haircuts to the residents. Raelene and David Haines brought Pam Manning, a potential Rotarian, along to see our activities.  
The students needed to practice cutting hair and the BCMFH residents needed haircuts - a perfect match!
These children have medical challenges that require the talents of the big Thai Government hospital in Chiang Mai. Spending time with them has much improved my spirit. In the photo below the three angels are playing with each other and having a great time. The little girl in the blue and pink has cancer and is undergoing chemo-therapy. The little boy has had some horrible injury to his right arm and the little girl in the red has a very serious injury to her leg. Rejoice in their childlike ability to deal with life. As an aging adult, I learn much from these marvelous children.  These children come from different areas and are of different ethnicities, although they are all from Burma and all have very serious medical challenges. During our visit Thursday afternoon, we noticed a little boy too shy to come out and play. Angel (my nickname for the girl with cancer), and Smiley (the little boy) managed to encourage him to join them. The boy's father was absolutely delighted, as were we.  
      The taller boy was drawn out by the other children.
In the West our culture dictates that we must not interact with other people's children without their specific permission, and unfortunately for good reason. Our members are vetted and we have a very strict policy that no adult is allowed to be alone with children. Here we are dealing with people who love us because we care for their children.   
   Proud parents looking on.  The man in the green is the dad of the little boy who was too shy to play.  
As time goes on CMIRC members will enjoy supporting this patient house and the people they serve, patients and family members.
             Jeannie, three of the children and Karl
You can learn more about Burma Children's Medical Fund on their website.   Their financial statements are available for all to see.  The work they do is badly needed.   This is one really great organizaiton