Posted by Sawyer Vanden Heuvel on Jul 01, 2017
Earlier in June, members of Rotary South, friends, and family members volunteered with Food to You in Sioux Falls. Food to You is the mobile food pantry. It rotates around the city four times each month on Thursday. It is supported through 13 ELCA Lutheran congregations in Sioux Falls and Charis Ministries. Rotary South and its members have been long-time supporters of Food to You; volunteering at least one time per year since the organization of our club. Reviewing the statistics below, it is quite evident the need for this organization in our community. 
Sponsor/volunteers – Rotary South                                                                                                                                
 16 – Rotary South
   3 - Volunteers from Charis Ministry Partner congregations (2 represented) and friends of Food to You  
             19 - TOTAL VOLUNTEERS  
Food of the Month:  Rotary South donated 275 cans of tuna & boxes of tuna helper, Food to You offered 300 sets total.  Each family received -3 sets or more, depending on family size.
Bread Donations:  Panera, Breadsmith, Einstein Bagels, and Breadico Bread were donated. 
Toilet Paper :  Each family received 1-3 rolls depending on family size.
From Feeding South Dakota: 
Government commodities: were available from Feeding SD – Cranberry Juice, 1% Milk, mixed fruit, pears, OJ, tomato sauce, potato flakes, raisins and kidney beans.
Bakery Items:  We ordered 400 pounds of bread and pastries.
Potatoes:  We ordered 200 pounds of fresh potatoes.
Assorted Meat:  We offered 522 pounds of Assorted Meat.
Cabbage:  We ordered 100 pounds.
Potatoes:  We ordered 200 pounds.
Onions: We ordered 100 pounds.
Apples: We ordered 200 pounds.
Food Bank Food Distributed (about  32- 36 lbs. per household)
                      913 lbs. of government commodities
                       200 lbs. of Potatoes
                       522 lbs. of Assorted Meat
                       100 lbs. of Cabbage
                       415  lbs. of bread and pastries
                          100 lbs. of onions
                           215  lbs. of apples
                      2,465 lbs. total, PLUS donated Tuna & Helper, Panera, Breadico Bread, Breadsmith, Einstein Bagels,  and Toilet Paper.
Other details:
25 households with 1 person
16 households with 2 people
 8 households with 3 people
              11 households with 4 people
   6 households with 5 people
   7 households with 6 people
   5 house hold with 7 people
   0 households with 8 people
   1 households  with 9 people
   1 household with 13 people
80 households served, about 231 people; including 20 children
Of those who answered these questions, 29 households reported being on food stamps (37%), 38 (48%) are not on food stamps and 11 (14%) of those not on food stamps have applied but were ineligible.
19 people (24% of all adults) said they are employed full-time; 20 reported part time employment; 70 (53%) said they are unemployed.  (This number also includes those who are disabled or retired.)
52 households served include children (65%).  These households include 40 children age 17 and under;
We served 17 senior citizens, ages 65 and over (9% of all adults).
64 households (80%) were repeats who used FTY one or more times, and 16 (20%) were newcomers.
48 (60%) of the total households who used the mobile food pantry heard about Food to You from a friend, neighbor, family member, or coworker.  Others learned about it from our fliers, social services and various helping agencies and churches around the community.