Our guest speaker is the founder of SWIM, an organization that assists single women as they go through some of the challenges of motherhood.  Anne-Marie Ricketts has worn many hats since the inception of Single Women in Motherhood some seventeen years ago. The program has grown and has helped many mothers as they navigate through emotional, financial, legal and behavioral (of the child) issues just to name a few. The facility offers a location to meet and talk with others in similar situations. To be successful members must be ready to make a change and not be content with the way things have been. SWIM caters to the concept of hands up and not hands out. Doug thanked Anne-Marie and presented her with a Polio Plus certificate of donation. 
Two Interactors dropped by to take orders for coffee that they are selling as a fundraiser. They also took a bit of time to tell us of some of the projects they have participated in and helped to fund. So far they have not determined where the coffee money will go.  Coffee should be delivered in a few weeks.