Colin introduced his wife Julie who in turn introduced 4 of the 31 member Oakridge High School Oakbotics team. For the past seven years we have helped them out financially as they prepare for a variety of competitions, depending on qualifying as they go. They thanked us for our continued support and had some great photos to show us of past robots made and how they performed. They await their January 02/18 instructions as to what they have to build this year. All teams worldwide receive the same instructions at the same time. They are aiming for the World Championships which will be held in Texas and St. Louis. Team members are busy getting their passports and paperwork in line. A couple of the students indicated that they have altered the direction of their career choice as a result of their experience with the robotics club. We wish the team well as they prepare for the upcoming competition year. Doug presented them with a Polio Plus donation certificate.