Arun introduced our guest speaker Lea Wilson from the Heart & Stroke Foundation. She announced the talk would be fairly casual and wanted to address the topic "COPING WITH STRESS". 
She started her presentation with a group STRESS TEST. We answered multiple questions to find out our overall Stress Index. 
She mentioned that ¼ of Canadians experience some degree of stress. Stress constitutes a real danger to health leading to diabetes, stroke and obesity… 
There are a number of stressors easily summed up by the encompassing term: The Cycle of Life 
Bodily responses to stress are easily observed by listening to your own body and seeing things in the great scheme of life. Once you recognize it, deal with stress through various coping techniques. 
A. PHYSICAL & BEHAVIOURAL: Get enough sleep. Practice deep breathing. Exercise.
B. COGNITIVE & MENTAL: Meditate. Engage by problem-solving. Seek help.
C. PERSONAL & SOCIAL: Enjoy the company of friends and family members. Pursue hobbies and personal interests.  
It is crucial to find out what works for you: nature, walks, spirituality and you will be the best you can be.  
Two bookmarks to remind us how to recognize stress signs and add years to our life were handed out. 
A rich conversation followed in the form of questions and comments.