Arun introduced today’s speakers: Sara Hansen teaches in Kitchener, Ontario and Michelle Massaro teaches in London, Ontario. They are strongly committed to relevant and modern educational opportunities to propel growth and create change. The two guests are glad to be back to speak of their initiative: JUST CAUSE EDUCATION OUTREACH.
They operate from Kitchener and London, Ontario. Their project aims at education in Uganda, Africa. They are happy that their organization is a registered Charity. They work with volunteers; in close cooperation with local people in Uganda. It started with a man who felt the need to launch home schooling: he started with 10 children; now the initiative has served some 500.
A remote area, Nanso, saw the construction of an elementary school some five years ago: 8 classrooms, 1 office, available water and a garden.
A second school is under construction: it houses a STEAM CENTER where emphasis is put on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.
They face real challenges though: remoteness, equipment & other supplies, teacher training, access to social media.
They have however been able to establish 2 MAKERSPACES where activities are centred around Robotics, Technology, Computer Programming.
Support from mentors and the link with St Joes school in ST Thomas, Ontario is appreciated. Financial and material assistance from Hacker For Charity has been instrumental.
Learning opportunities are tremendous: competitions with other schools, various workshops tackling such topics as wind power, motion, design, programming, building (legos).
Our two speakers ended their presentation by thanking us for our continued support and by answering questions from us. More information can be found at their site JUSTCAUSECANADA.ORG