Arun introduced Larry McKinnon, a Certified Economic Developer through the International Economic Development Council. He has been an instructor at Western University and Fanshawe College in Entrepreneurship and Research Methods. He participates in many community building initiatives. He started with some quick facts about London: 450,000 population, 270,000 labour force, highways facilitating connections in North America and a flow of $2 billion per day. These aspects clarify London competitive stance. It is also important to mention its diverse economy: health care and social assistance, manufacturing, construction, trade, educational services, finance, insurance and real estate. LEDC's focus is to INVEST, GROW, VENTURE, TALENT AND ENGAGE. Some target sectors to enhance London’s attractiveness: manufacturing (33,000 employees), food and beverage (7,000 employees), Health & Life Sciences ( 21,000), Digital Creative (9,000).  It is also crucial to have industrial land. The concept of Quality of Life or Place weighs in business decisions. Additional information was provided during the Q/A  period.  Transportation policies under discussion in London; use of abandoned business land; growth boundaries.