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We are all hearing a lot about the coronavirus in the last several weeks.  Many around the world are scared.  While I am sure that the panic will subside before August, I am scheduled to go to Europe for two weeks, and those concerns have crossed my mind about traveling overseas.  The worries about a pandemic are real.  The way we freely travel around the world now means that a single patient carrying a virus can spread that bug far and wide very quickly.  It has been the basis of countless books, movies, TV shows, and urban legends.  It could be swine flu, avian flu, ebola, etc.  Take your pick of which virus stokes the fear of a pandemic from one year to the next.  But it is truer than we might want to believe, and as Rotarians, we know it.  And I cannot help but think that the reason for these fears spreading so easily can be traced back to Rotary.  Hear me out…


Seventy years ago, there was perhaps no greater fear than the polio virus.  After generations of that fear, Jonas Salk developed a vaccine, and rather than become the richest man in the world by patenting and licensing his creation, he shared it freely.  (This of course says something about the man, but I think it also says so much about the culture of fear associated with the virus.  His only concern was to solve the problem we were facing, not to enrich himself in the process.)  If you had asked me 10 years ago to tell you about polio, I would have answered in historical contexts about FDR, paralysis, iron lungs … I would would spoken of the past.  I had no real concept of the disease, its impacts, or its existence.  Only through my involvement with Rotary have I come to understand the fears that existed in the United States in those years before the vaccine.  Since the 1950s, polio in the US has been consigned mostly to history.  But for much of the world, those memories of fear are much fresher, and in a few places, those fears are still a day-to-day reality.


Rotary is the ONLY reason polio is not the pandemic we talk about everyday.  Had Rotary not taken on the task of erradicating polio from the world when we did, I honestly believe we would be talking about it as the pandemic threat.  While polio also remains just a plane ride away from anyone, the work of Rotary has kept the chances of an outbreak constrained.  So while the threat of the coronavirus is real, the reason why we can focus on that threat (or any other threat from year to year) is because there exists a vaccine for polio, and Rotary has taken on the mission to make sure every child around the world has access to that vaccine.

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“Rotary changes us and those we serve. I believe we can change the world one life at a time.”

~ Paul Harris
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