As Halloween is approaching, I cannot believe that this year felt so slow but flew by at the same time. This has been quite a challenging year for our club, and I have to say that we have transitioned very well. This past week we had our open house at Oyster Creek Brewery and it was quite a success! We had a handful of new people attend some of which gave us their information to send new membership paperwork. Thank you Suzie Block and Wayne Eslinger for organizing this event and for being great members of our board! We couldn’t have done it without you!

The one thing that always astonishes me as the weeks pass is the magnetism of our club and how our members have attracted others by their excitement to help our local community. I really feel that this is the heart of any club organization. If you can show that you put your heart into it then it will succeed. Thank you everyone for your excitement and eagerness to provide many ways to raise funds for our club and the new service ideas that you bring as well. I look forward to the rest of the year and the new achievements we will have!