Noel Jones has many connections as an educator (and family member) to the PA Rotary Club.

We were treated to her presentation today (exceptionally positive) on her role as the Leader of Experiential Learning at the Lakehead School Board International Baccalaureate  (IB) program.

Noel has extensive experience in education..she flaunts her love of Shakespeare (English), but also History, Guidance Counselling, Philosophy and even Science. She has moved up the ranks from teaching high school in Schreiber and Terrace Bay, to Churchill CVI in Thunder Bay and from 2002 to 2012, coordinating the IB program.

She is now back in her real comfort zone the classroom, interacting with our fine young students, encouraging problem solving, critical thinking (obviously critical), innovation, citizenship, self-directed learning and more...all pursuing excellence in her students.  These ideals are being packaged in the IB "Learner Profile." There is a focus on development of a dedicated skilled trade cohort.

Her concluding remarks were salient: the key aims are for relationship trust with individual students, pedagogy for all levels of student ability, ensuring students see value in their learning, and carving out pathways for differing individual needs.

Noel is pictured with President Warren Philp surrounding the 4 way test, and Past President and colleague/teacher Art Warwick (far left, who introduced Noel), and thanker Brian Walmark (also a close associate in education and admirer). Thanks to Brian for inviting Noel to this meeting.