President Krysta Logozzo Daniele welcomed 37 guests today, including Mary Durwand (5580 District Outbound Exchange Student Coordinator), Mal Balachandran (2020 Rotaract president),Dr. Yolibeth Meijias de Pernia, Dr. Juan Pernia, Carlos and Juan Jr Pernia (family of our guest speaker) and from Slovakia, Magda Forrova (host mom of our featured speaker). 

Co-hosts (with thanks today): Kevin Holloway and Warren Philp.

Oh Canada to commence.

President Krysta warmly welcomed all, acknowledged the land we live on and reflected on her improved viewpoint of life and service during difficult pandemic times.


Yes, our guest speaker was Leo Pernia, of Thunder Bay (St. Ignatius HS grad, originally from Tampa Bay) and returned Rotary Exchange student from Slovakia. His whole family have been strong Rotary partners.

Leo was introduced and thanked (both very eloquently) by Mat Diegel and John Stephenson, respectively.
 His presentation, from afar, included a very fine Powerpoint slide show. His address was first class and well organized.
 It was nicely divided into sections:

1. About Slovakia and his home base in Bratislava:
capital (pop 450,000) and well situated near Austria and Hungary on the Danube river (of note::he was able to visit classic cities like Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest and Vienna. The slides showed a lovely virtual tour of the countryside, cities, architecture, food, customs and more.

2.His Exchange District in Slovakia (2240) :
details about Rotary there and his wonderful host mother Magda Forrova (who was on Zoom here today)

3. His Activities and Adventures:
including exploring Europe from a central hub (see above), soccer, friends and more.

The Q & A explored varied area like: his happy decision to switch from Croatia to Slovakia; Canadians in the district; the difficult language obstacles; soccer at a high level; Rotary volunteering and his future plans.

All in all, a very professional presentation by a fine student ambassador. The audience were impressed. Thanks again Leo and family!


1. Recent media release re: PA Rotary club allocations (over $17,000) See website for details on the worthy recipients
2. Board decision re meeting venue..on hold due to fluid Covid situation til September
3. TB Anti-Racism Accord. Members will receive info and chance to weigh in.
4. Visioning/Strategic Planning exercise will be developing a master plan.
5. Canada Club meeting this week
6.Wilderness Discovery Camp.. a fulsome report (Brenda Winter). It is up and running. Budgeting is stable but more fundraising essential. Thanks to the Tomlinsons, John Stephenson, Chris Bailey, David Marler and others for recent volunteer work there.
7. Dew Drop Inn (D.Silliman) gearing up for this Thursday 23rd (0930-1230hr)
8.( Mal Balachandran) on Rotaract project making face coverings..great work!

Stay tuned for another highlight reel next Tuesday