AT OUR CLUB January 21, 2020

The fine work of the non-profit, volunteer (par excellence) Hospice Northwest (not to be confused with St Joseph's care Group Hospice) was on display today as result of the presentation by strong support volunteer, business consultant Melissa McClement.

Hospice Northwest 
is not in the clinical management game, but in the provision of a plethora of services providing compassionate support to people and families dealing with end of life ((care and reality).

We learned of the 4 essential Service Areas: 
1. Caregiver Buddy (long term chronic illness clients)
2. Grief and Bereavement (trained counsellors at work)
3  Quick Response team (immediate support in crises)
4. Journey Home Team (a new program focusing on clients with housing vulnerability issues).

Hospice Northwest has a large and growing network of volunteers and clients. Currently in Thunder Bay alone there are about 282 clients.

Certainly fundraising is of importance (a registered charity) but maybe more important is "friendraising."
Rotarians and citizens in general can help the cause by social posting, word of mouth, fundraising and more (eg 50/50 draws etc).

Our own Sue Bailey had the floor to add expert, experiential nuggets as a veteran volunteer and expert on the subject (Sue was a 2016 Order of Ontario inductee for her pioneer work in this area).. She developed the curriculum for the Rapid Response Team and now the (new) Journey Home program.
Complex inter-familial situations at the bedside for example are assisted by the Hospice Northwest volunteers acting as neutral 3rd party counsellors.

This was a powerful impressive volunteer based service so important to Thunder Bay is available.

Melissa is pictured beside the Rotary banner along with club member ( and thanker) Brian Thompson (far R- veteran social worker himself ), Sue Bailey (in pink) and( far L), President Rod Morrison.

 Check out Hospice Northwest  for details at