Today's off-site meeting was held at the George Jeffrey Children's Centre (GFCC) on Brock Street.
President-elect Rod Morrison thanked our hosts and the meeting commenced with a welcome from Executive Director Steve MacDonald, and Charitable Gifts Director Kirsten Untinen (pictured with us  in the sensory stimulation room).

GFCC is one of 20 Children's Treatment Centres in Ontario, providing family-centred. one-stop, interdisciplinary, evidence based care for special needs children (birth to 19 years of age). A host of specialists in Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language pathology, Social Work, Communications Augmentation, Seating and Mobility (and more) work out of this fine new building. The club toured some of the facility with Mr. MacDonald.

PA Rotary president Warren Philp is pictured  at the entrance to one area supported by our club.

Mr. George Jeffrey ( a Kiwanian) is pictured near the front entrance. His vision was seminal in development of this outstanding paediatric health care facility. The club is indebted to the staff, the organization and excellent service provided to the many client children in the large Thunder Bay District.