Rotary Radio Family Day 2023
Celebrating 57 years in partnership with Dougall Media CKPR
Click the link provided to get your order in today.  
Please listen to Rotary Radio Day – February 20th, 2023 on CKPR 91.5 FM  Thank you to Dougall Media for their support! 
Any issues please email
We invite you to join us by continuing to support the vital work that continues in our community. 
What can the radio ad be used for?
Use your ads to promote your business or organization, or to say ‘Thank You’ to:
  • Customers, clients, patrons, suppliers;
  • Employees and/or their families;
  • Service providers (retail, non-profit group, health care, public service);
  • Friends, family, partners.
You have the option of having your ad voiced by a Rotarian, you can voice your ads yourself (even from your home or business!) or we can use your existing commercially produced ads. 
Need help writing or recording your own ad?  We can help make it easy!
Don’t need a radio ad?
No problem!  Donate your ad time to acknowledge the important work happening right now in our community.  Just choose ‘Donate My Ad’ on the order form and we will take care of the rest!  Please note:  This option is not available in the “All in the Family” category.
Be a part of the Rotary family!
Donation categories are listed on the following pages along with an order form to print and fill out.  We would be happy help you through the process regardless of whether you are a first time or ongoing supporter.   For further information about Port Arthur Rotary, visit, contact one of our members, or email
Thank you for your support!