President-elect Shelley Crawford chaired today's hybrid meeting at the Bartley Conference Centre, Lakehead University. Thanks to Mark Tilbury (LU) and Matt Villella as IT/Zoom host.

O Canada and a Land Acknowledgement were followed by welcomes, including guest speaker Marjorie Clayton, her brother Joe Clayton, Fernanda Soto Valenzuela and Sandy Kelso Jennings (guest of Mike Nitz).


One Thing Leads to Another by social documentary photographer Marj Clayton.

Marj for decades has advocated for social understanding and connectivity with peoples of the world, through her expertise as a photographer in their home territories.
She is classically trained (her father Charlie being the key mentor) using B&W prints in natural light portraiture settings. Her favorite homes away from home include the Bolivian Andes, Gambia, and Ghana.
 An example of her striking work is appended.

Through her well traveled lens, she captures the essence of the real people in many countries. 
In many, life is harsh. 
They live and flourish to the best of their abilities through inter- family reciprocity/duality.

Marj's life has been enriched by these interactions. She cherishes for example her relationship to the African orphan Yawa.
Her story was presented beautifully in her Power Point with fine examples of her art.
Her messaging resonates well with Rotarians.

Marj lauded Rotary for  generous financial support from Rotary years ago allowing her to participate in a cross cultural exchange with Canada World Youth (Help Age Ghana).

She was introduced by David Legge and thanked by Matthew Villella
  1. World Polio Day was October 24 David and Shelley visited Toronto Eglinton Rotary and were privileged to hear Dr Robert Scott speak… highly honoured and decorated Rotarian (sounds and looks a bit like Sean Connery) 
Since 1988, we've seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. Only two countries remain polio-endemic: Afghanistan and Pakistan.We can’t give up the fight against polio yet. The wild virus is still circulating in sewage in London and New York with isolated cases. Please give generously to Rotary international to support this incredibly worthwhile cause. 
  1. October Birthdays: cheers to
Bill Everitt , Bill Ulakovic, Krysta Logozzo Daniele , David Marler, Rod Morrison, Bruce Nelson and me. 
  1. Matt V (RRFD- members to gear up for sales)
  1. Dave S (DDI-volunteers required for afternoon serving shift October 27)
  1. Shelley (fellowship update: TBSO very enjoyable, Magnus Sunday Nov 26, 2 pm ($25 to Magnus and $10 to Chris Bailey); Christmas at the Courthouse Sat. Dec 10 at 6 pm ($75 to Chris). Fellowship is well worth it. 
  1. (Canada Club) meeting was held Oct 20: will report at our next meeting. 
  1. Albert B. (Catch the Ace report-gearing up for reprise in the new year; plus- FW Male Choir concert December 9 and 10 at Hilldale)
  1. Bob T: Salvation Army Kettles-sign up at our regular venues December 3 and 10)
  1. David Legge: FOG 2 update. All in all, an excellent new Field season. Buy in with residents was excellent. Next year should see an even better result. Joe Vanderwees memorial plaque unveiled.
  1. Krysta, Doug, Chris (Rotary Club of Thunder Bay-Port Arthur Community charity is now official- the club is now applying for charitable status. Articles of incorporation, executive and board of directors: President is Krysta, VP is Jim M., Doug S is secretary and Chris B. treasurer). Excellent news.
  1. Kevin Holloway: Santa Claus Parade Power Point, laying out duties and responsibilities for all members: Saturday November 19th at 1000h. Stay tuned for your marching orders.
Kevin H (Roy Coran Big Band playing Beatles concert, Saturday November 5th )
  1. Shelley for Warren and Jim
The WTRCAT committee is pleased to report that the bid process for the economic feasibility study continues to move forward. This is being capably administered by Destination Northern Ontario and we look forward to hearing the outcome soon. On the election front. The committee had representation at several municipal candidate’s meetings and received favourable responses from each candidate. 
Jim Crooks
  1. Fern update (school and extracurricular activities and connection with peer students-Fernanda V as example)
  1. Congrats to Lakehead Rotary electoral winner Mayor Ken Boshcoff. Definitely - a thanks to those who stepped forward to make a difference in our city: our own Matt Villella and Martin Rukavina and FWR Stephen Margarit. 
Happy Dollars John Stephenson