AT OUR CLUB-September 18,2018
A presentation from HIP (Honouring IndigenousPeoples) provided an insight into the goals of this Rotary initiative.  The goal of HIP is to create an organization of Rotarians and Rotary clubs working in partnership and in collaboration with indigenous people in Canada and other interested parties whose focus is on indigenous education in all its forms, for the purpose of:  empowering indigenous people, and creating awareness and understanding of indigenous issues amongst Rotary members and others.
Our speaker John Andras, the Project chair of HIP, stressed the need and the benefits of establishing good communication with indigenous people.  John provided examples of how HIP has successfully acted as a facilitator and has been able to provide solutions through Rotary connections with industry and businesses. 
In the photo from the right: Rotarians: President Warren Philp; Guest Presenter John Andras, Projects Chair HIP, John Currie, Executive Director HIP; and David Newman Q.C. Counsel for HIP.   More information on HIP can be found at  .