AT OUR CLUB-August 7, 2018

The club had the pleasure of hearing a dynamic a passionate presentation today by Tracie Smith, Senior Director: Communications, Indigenous Affairs and Engagement, at Thunder Bay District Regional Hospital.
AT OUR CLUB-August 7, 2018

The club had the pleasure of hearing a dynamic a passionate presentation today by Tracie Smith, Senior Director: Communications, Indigenous Affairs and Engagement, at Thunder Bay District Regional Hospital.

Sub-titled "Your Hospital-our Commitment to Indigenous Health", the address comprehensively covered the demographic and numerous health care challenges of the large population of Anishinabek people in NWO (20% of the general population), many living in remote isolated communities. The realities are stark and Tracie covered the entire gamut.

The history dating back to the colonialization period was reviewed, as was the challenge of economics in a vast geographical territory and the  sad legacy of the Indian Act, residential schools on down the line. Urgently needed: awareness, education and trust and respect; all huge requirements to move forward.
Tracie then outlined the plethora of fine programming at the hospital under her wing: Indigenous health being a top priority. Indigenous patient navigators and liaisons, culturally sensitive regional critical care, spiritual care, screening services, discharge planning (very important) were but some of the important programs extant and moving forward.

All in all, a superb and powerful, challenging address and the club thanked Ms. Smith for appearing during her vacation time.

Pictured beside Tracie are Past-President Brenda Winter (L) and President-elect Rod Morrison (R, who invited Tracie and introduced her). Dave Legge thanked the speaker.
AT OUR CLUB-July 31/2018

President Warren Philp was joined by Maria Hudolin (far L), Steve McAuley (centre L) and Kishore Sakrani (far R) in today's feature presentation on their attendance and involvement at the 2018 Rotary International Convention, in Toronto (June 23-27).

The Power Point and positive feed back from our members (Leslie Savitsky and Chris Bailey from PA Rotary also attended) was exceptionally positive. Upwards of 25,000 delegates from over 150 countries, met and exchanged Rotary ideas, friendships and aspirations. There was no paucity of celebrities lending a hand, including 3 prime ministers (Canada's included), a princess (Anne), a former first lady of the U.S. (Laura Bush) as well as the leadership of RI itself.

Steve McAuley cited the numbers and opined "think of the power."

The scope and grandeur were impressive (for example, the House of Friendship at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, had 100s of booths).

Next year's convention is in Hamburg, Germany, then Hawaii and Houston.

Members were urged to make one or more of these pilgramages as a life time goal.

The club welcomed new member Patti McCluskey to our ranks today. Delighted we are to have Patti on board, keen to serve and enjoy Rotary fellowship. She is pictured with President Warren (in his Rotary Brew Fellowship shirt) and Past President Doug Shanks (R) who read the charge to Patti. Dave Legge provided the introduction in the absence of Leslie Savitsky, Patti's sponsor.
AT OUR CLUB-July 17/2018

President Warren Philp was pleased to commence the new Rotary year with a visit from the new 2018-19 District 5580 Governor, Blaine Johnson (, all the way (to his first Canadian Rotary meeting) from Bismark North Dakota.
His presentation was superb and struck to the core of why we join Rotary: giving back to the community and developing strong relationships.
Mr. Johnson (DG) quickly got the attention of members by quizzing the oldest and youngest members of our club as to their motives in joining the organization.
A business example from the U.S. spoke to the need for a successful club to accept and deal with change. The importance of evolving new approaches started with the founder Paul Harris. It resonates today.
At the end of a stirring address, Mr. Johnson encouraged us all to "stop talking and get doing." PA Rotary likes to think we are complying. Mr. Johnson was generous in praising our club and received a warm reception.

Pictured are (L to R): PA Rotary President Warren Philp , Barb Philp, Sandy Lychowyd (Lakehead Rotary club and 2018-19 Assistant DG), Blaine Johnson (new District Governor and Guest of Honour), Maria Hudolin (Past President PA Rotary and Assistant DG..who thanked Mr. Johnson) and Roly Turner (another PA Rotary PP and Past DG) who introduced Mr. Johnson.

On the same programme, President Philp presented President-elect Rod Morrison with his pin, and they are pictured with DG Johnson.

Also, Past President Winter is pictured with 2017-18 Rotarian of the Year Bob Tomlinson..great work both!
AT OUR CLUB-July 3, 2018

Plenty of celebration today(the new Rotary year has dawned) as President Brenda Winter "passed the gavel" to new President Warren Philp.
Brenda had a magnificent year and skillfully thanked all Rotarians for their constant support.
She is pictured with incoming President Warren Philp (minus the gavel but having been pinned).

Past President Vonnie Cheng then passed on her PP pin to Brenda (see picture).

The hardworking, dedicated (also a PP) Bob Tomlinson (newly retired at that) was awarded (and rightly so), Rotarian of the Year. No one toiled longer and harder at numerous Rotary projects during the year..well done Bob.

Warren Philp's leadership in the past/present/future was on full display today, with his inaugural address, certainly promising as a creative and innovative "spark" going into the new year. He introduced his new executive board, which in addition to PP Winter includes Rob Grady, Joe Wasielewski, Jim MacDonald, Jaro Kotalik, Joe McEachern, Brian Thompson as well as treasurers Leslie Savitsky and Chris Bailey. Warren has some excellent fresh ideas up his sleeve; including monthly off-site meetings, increased fellowship get- togethers, return to youth exchange, and strong participation in District 5580 affairs. Warren has just returned from the Rotary International Convention in Toronto with plenty of ammunition and insights.

New Director Jaro Kotalik presented Mo Nelson with his Paul Harris plus 3 pin for ongoing support of Rotary..very generous and appreciated Mo!!

 New President Warren was welcomed, Past President Brenda saluted as well as Rotarian of the Year Bob Tomlinson and depicted also with Warren displaying his 2018-19 mantra "Be the Inspiration"