Allocations Chair Judi Turner reviewed the mechanics again for the club's funding. The following were acknowledged and all spoke with a passion about their cause with thanks to the club.
1. Community Clothing Assistance providing very practical anti-poverty assistance to needy groups, mainly kids: The Undercover Program provides new undergarments and socks to kids 4-14 years of age
2.Fort Severn First Nation: the Rural and Remote Challenge fosters rediscovery of Indigenous knowledge relevant to the 21st century for youth. Video presentation by Levius Miles
3. Dennis Franklin Cromarty School : funding for transport to the hockey arena, interaction with elders, and professionals all promoting energy and purpose to move ahead, especially with school.
Teacher Sean Spenrath was on hand to thank the club and explain the program.
4. United Way of Thunder Bay: Event coordinator Alyssa Ryan described the assistance to help fund the commUNITY BBQ (with proceeds to assist Shkoday)
5. Dew Drop Inn represented by manager Julio Chiodo received funsing to assistance in replacement upgrading of lights in the main hall, all to improve lighting/health in general