Our first (Zoom) meeting got off to a good start with socializing, a welcome from President Jim Madder, and then call to arms with O Canada (a rousing ketchup laden version played by Walk Of The Earth), played by Matt Villella.
 Jim then read a thoughtful land acknowledgement.


Matt Villella (PA Rotarian and Toastmaster leader in Thunder Bay) introduced Greg Bjorgo, business consultant and inveterate storyteller with Storyteller's Toastmasters in the U.S. (currently in Las Vegas Nevada).

Greg has extensive experience in public speaking. And, he has mastered the art and science of storytelling (principally through membership in Toastmasters) and then extrapolated that into consulting and teaching all manner of companies (including real estate and marketing start-ups) as well as not for profits. The goal is self improvement through the power of storytelling.
He outlined the 2 simple pre-requisites: empathy and offer to help, then the 3 pillars:  identification, definition, then solving the challenge ( a "crisis" let's say).

Put to the test with examples relevant to Rotary (starting with his own and others preconception of what Rotary does, and then analysis of PA Rotary and it's Radio Day fundraiser), Greg and President Jim made this technique come to life.

Greg will provide materials to us on storytelling as a compelling communication tool. He was thanked by President Jim Madder.


1. The Waterfront Trail-Rotary Community Action Team #wtrcat under Warren Philp, is active  with a deputation to City Council upcoming (telecast on Shaw Cable 10 at 6:30 pm this Thursday), and input from the revitalized City of TB Waterfront Development Committee. Bravo Warren and his many adherents!! Find info on the WTRCAT under the "Get Involved" Heading of Contact for more information.
2. Rotary Radio Day: Krysta Logozzo Daniele reviewed current progress. Members are encouraged to do ad readings in their homes (A. Warwick)
3.Catch the Ace: Steady plodding: the pot is about $5300 currently (A. Brulé)
4. Wounded Warriors report (J. Dojack)
5. Happy Dollars: there were quite a few thankful members this week (B. Winter)