Since the Coronavirus Isolation laws, we have ceased meeting once a week including our monthly Bunnings BBQ’s and any other events etc, but Rotary is still going on in the background. A call went out to the community from DARE Disability regarding some basic needs for their clients and the Rotary Club of Springwood was able to supply some much needed goods thanks to Norm Kitto. 
Communication has taken on a different form via different Medias. Rotary has adopted Zoom with great success. Our Rotary District, whilst facing many challenges are organizing training for the incoming Club Office bearers and Boards. This training will be conducted online and over several weekends.
Our Board will hold its first Zoom meeting soon, with the year coming to a rapid end, it is crucial to make sure that we are organized and set President Elect Jenny Kroonstuiver and her team up for a successful year. As we will not be having a Change Over Dinner this year to hand over a cheque, raised funds thus so far will be transferred to the Rotary Foundation.
As we head into a very different Easter break when traditionally most families would spend time catching up and enjoying a well-earned break, we hope you will stay safe and in touch with each other via phone or facetime. Aim to make this isolation time worth something. Start with a small positive habit and then build on it, by the time we are back to being able to move around freely you will have adopted a new habit, all thanks to the time you were able to fully embrace it.
Stay safe everyone.