Members of the Rotary Club of Springwood ran a BBQ at the Gnome Convention at Glenbrook on Australia Day raising over $3,000. to support our fund raising efforts. The Rotary Club of Springwood is involved many local and international projects and last year we supported fire victims,  funding attendance at youth leadership forums for our local youth and also helping train dentists in the Congo. 

Our set up crew started arriving at 7am .. with BBQ's, gazebos, tables, chairs, signage all in tow. It was an overcast morning with the forecast for possible showers after a reasonably mild but humid day. So as usual with Rotary, the team got stuck into the set up and by 8am when the first shift arrived it was good to go.

The BBQ's were fired up and it wasn't too long before we were in the swing of it ... it appears that a lot of the stall holders and Rotarians from other clubs had not had breakfast and were weak at the knees waiting for our eggs and bacon to cook .. and that is when the queue started. I did get time to look up from the servery every know and again and the queue just seemed to continually replenish itself, the sausages. bacon, egg, steak  and  onion were constantly being replaced by new stock .. as soon as it was cooked it was put onto a roll and handed over the counter.. and we were told on numerous occasions by returning customers ... " it was real good so we have come back for another". Unfortunately, the poor weather affected patron numbers and cut into our profits but for those who attended ... it was a terrific day out.  The rain was not heavy .. more very light drizzle just enough to put a bit of a dampner on the event.

A big thank you must go out to the members of our club who worked on the day  but  a BIGGER thank you must go to the partners, family and friends of the Rotarians who worked with us on the day... It was great to see .. and also great that everyone worked together as a team. On one of my breaks I counted 18 crew - some were preparing rolls, some were cutting sausages, some were cooking, some were controlling stock and refilling, some were serving food, some were serving drinks and some were even taking money  but  all were working together and supporting each other.

By the time our second shift arrived, the crowds and queues were steady but obviously affected by the constant drizzle which kept the large crowds away, the food was being prepared and out to customers at a comfortable pace and the new crew slotted in without any dramas.  Once my shift was over and I was sitting back and having a relax .. I thought to myself .. I am so lucky to be involved with such a happy team of dedicated Rotarians .. I am truly blessed to be part of the Rotary family.