Contact: Bruce Wood
Springwood Inc.
Glenbrook Oval
Hare Street
Glenbrook, NSW

SETUP             8am                 Bruce/Bill/John/Adam/Kevin (Bill drives the ute

                                                 Wasser to prepare the buns and assist cooks.

FOOD SERVICE                      10am to 2pm

                        Cooking           Bruce and Kevin (sausages/onions/bacon/eggs)

                        Gofer               Adam

Servers to arrive at 9.15am for a briefing and preparation.

                        Servers            1.         Deborah and Cheryl              

                                                2.         Pat and Alan Collins   

                        Sauces             Peter Meehan / Helga                            

                                                (Peter and Helga also assist where needed)

CLEANUP and TAKEDOWN    Begins at 2pm – As many people as possible to remain for this activity


FOOD                                      Kevin to order bread rolls, loaves of bread and sausages from Coles on Monday. Kevin to pick up breads on Wednesday morning. Bill to pick up sausages and sauces on Tuesday.

                                                Sausages 17 packs of 24, Bread Rolls 68 packs of 6, Loaves 12.

                                                Sauces 6 x tomato, 6 x BBQ, 2 x American mustard

                                                Bill to order eggs, bacon and onions from Deliham. Pick up Tuesday.

                                                Eggs 12 Doz. Bacon 2x5Kg packs. Onions

                                                Bruce to pick up 3 pack of Diva paper towels           


NOTES:                                    Servers to wear disposable gloves and mask.

                                                Tasks can be changed as required throughout day.

                                                                                                       Hands must be washed and sanitised.