Sometimes a particular cause or initiative touches your heart. 
Our club is blessed to know many passionate and caring individuals in our community that wish to serve in a limited capacity, in a manner that is focused on a particular global or local need. Sometimes its helping with a "hands on project", sometimes its raising funds.  In other cases it may be offering your particular professional or trade skills to help execute a Rotary project locally, nationally or globally
Becoming a Friend to the Rotary Club of Yorkton allows us to open up lines of communication so that when we are doing something that might interest you, we can let you know about an opportunity to participate - and engage!
To become a Friend of the Rotary Club of Yorkton, simply email us using the contact link to the right, or by clicking here.
Rotarians are often tending to their businesses during normal business hours. You should receive a response to your registration within 4 business hours!
We look forward to working with you, on a project that has a place in your heart.
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