In the words of one of our Rotarians "Pamplona has the running of the bulls - Yorkton has the running of the ducks"!

This year, the third annual Yorkton Duck Derby ran  INCREDIBLY fast, in under 4 minutes! Last year the ducks ran in a comparatively lazy 22 minutes - going upstream!
The default race course on Bulls Creek, just outside of Yorkton, was running fast. The course was about 300 meters in length, and all ducks were equally confronted with a natural weir as an obstacle.  Race organizers thought the weir would slow the ducks down, and break up the group after launch. They were wrong.
The 1st  place duck crossed the finish line in just over 3 minutes, with the rest of the running ducks in close, hot pursuit.
Yorkton Duck Derby operates as a modified 50/50, with 50% of the ticket proceeds forming the prize pool.  The resulting prize pool is then awarded 60% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd place and %10 to 3rd place. Prizes are awarded to the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place ducks, with the first 5 ducks being recorded (in the event a duck is missed in the pre-race cull). All top three winners were sold ducks.
Duck Derby 2017 Total Sales: $14,680.00
Duck Derby 2017 Prize Pot: $7,340.00
1st Place Winner
Duck #617
Duck Sponsor: Annette Popowitch, Yorkton
Prize: $4,404.00
2nd Place Winner
Duck #564
Duck Sponsor: Don & Josephine Rae, Winnipeg
Prize: $2, 202.00
3rd Place Winner
Duck #815
Duck Sponsor: Bryce Reynoldson, Regina
Prize: $734.00
4th Place (Recorded)
Duck # 158
Duck Sponsor: Dave Kuzyk
No Prize.
5th Place (Recorded)
No Duck recorded. Remaining race ducks crossed en-masse.
The race was incredibly fast and really exciting! We wish to thank all ticket purchasers in the Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby 2017, and we would like to also thank Yorkton Minor Football for helping out with the race! All proceeds from the Duck Derby go to the Yorkton Community Clubhouse initiative and other Yorkton Rotary Youth programs.
The ducks are off for the rest of the summer, and will be training for next years race soon! Will your Duck win next years race?  Stay tuned! 
The ducks race again in the spring of 2018!!!