Micah Lim on "What it means to be Canadian"
Our club has had the pleasure and opportunity to impact the lives of many youth in our community.
Micah's story - is one of them.
Recently, Micah Lim - a student at Sacred Heart High School here in Yorkton was selected to be one of two participants in this years "Adventures In Citizenship" program. What you may not know is that Micah and her family only recently immigrated to Canada 3 short years ago, and have become Naturalized Canadian citizens.
At the Adventures in program, Micah was asked to present her unique perspective on "what it means to be Canadian".  She was also exposed to Interact Clubs while in Ottawa, and is one of the driving forces behind the work being done to start an Interact Club in Sacred Heart High School - Yorkton.
After watching the video you will be able to answer "Why we do".
It's to give youth such as Micah, the opportunity to grow as young leaders, to share their experience, their life  and demonstrate their amazing capabilities.
Micah - is just one reason "Why we do".