Well the 2016 Ducks have run and the race results are in, and verified!!!!

Despite some curve balls from mother nature, the Ducks raced in record time on Sunday! As per our rules, we select the first 5 ducks to cross the finish line, in the event that a prize is not claimed or the event that an unsold duck evades the pre-race cull of unsold ducks. The winning Racers from the 2016 Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby are:

First Duck:
First Prize
Duck #51, Sponsored by Greg Ottenbreit
Won: 30% of Total Sales or $5304.00

Second Duck:
Duck #349, Unsold. Second prize goes to Third Duck

Third Duck:
Second Prize
Duck # 374, Sponsored by Davis Kunkle
Won: 15% of Total Sales or $2,652.00

Fourth Duck:
Third Prize
Duck # 550, Sponsored by Mike Swan
Won: 5% of Total Sales or $884.00

Fifth Duck:
No Prize Awarded.
Derby Finishers: