Local P.T.S.D. Service Dog Trainer helps set up similar program in Ukraine: Update


Chris Lohnes described in April 2016 to the Rotary Club of Yorkton how he turned his passion for P.T.S.D. Service Dog Training to active service in the Ukraine. In April 2017 he'll be back to give us an update on his initiative. Please - feel free to join us.  Date and time can be found in the Rotary Speakers List.

Chris and his team are helping to set up a certifiable P.T.S.D. support and services system for Ukrainian soldiers who are suffering from P.T.S.D..  They are also helping to establish certified Support Dog Trainers - capable of bringing support dogs into service capable of the same level of service as those dogs he and his team have trained in Canada.



At a recent Rotary meeting in Yorkton, our club had the pleasure of catching up with Chris Lohnes.

Yorkton Rotarians will remember Chris as the driver of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) companion dog program he executed out of Yorkton. This program took unwanted shelter dogs and trained them up to be P.T.S.D. Service Dogs specifically for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) officers troubled by P.T.S.D. Our club was pleased to be able to financially support the training of a support dog for a local R.C.M.P. officer, and we are pleased to help out on this adventure offering Vocational Services and serving as a conduit to build bridges in the Ukraine. We wish his team great success!

Many Yorkton Rotarians have family roots going back to the Ukraine, and many of them still actively maintain familial ties there. Several Yorkton Rotarians came forward after the Q&A to offer their Professional Service to his cause and project. The strength of Rotary in action.

We were truly impressed with the progression of his training program, the structuring of the program they are attempting to create for Ukraine P.T.S.D. inflicted. We look forward to hearing more from Chris regarding the efforts of his team on behalf of P.T.S.D. inflicted soldiers of the Ukraine, and hope Ukrainian Rotary Clubs lend him their ear, and hopefully their support.

Any Ukrainian Rotary Club should invite this fellow and his team to speak. We also encourage you to support his efforts. You will find him open, informative and very passionate about what he is trying to do. He should be a Rotarian! Chris and his team at Audeamus are actively building a P.T.S.D. companion dog and patient support program in the Ukraine.

Members of Ukrainian clubs are also welcomed to contact our club to examine the possibility of joint projects in service - for the benefit to people of the Ukraine.