The Ducks have trained all winter for this, so come out and cheer them on! Give the ducks the support they deserve by buying their Number for Just $20. There are just 1000 Tickets being sold - so don't wait!!!! 
Proceeds of the Yorkton Duck Derby - 2018 go to funding the Yorkton Community Clubhouse and other local youth initiatives and projects.
Tickets can be purchased from any Yorkton Minor Football Association players or members, from any Local Rotarians or can be puchased at the following local and regional businesses:
  • Sherring Gold
  • Sherring Optical
  • Deneschuck Homes
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store - Yorkton
  • Lillian Timms Accounting (Churchbridge)
Tickets can also be ordered for purchase by emailing club ticket sellers at:

When ordering ordering by email please provide your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE # and EMAIL as well as the number of tickets you wish to purchase. A ticket seller will contact you directly.

The Rotary Club of Yorkton
Duck Derby 2018
Rules of Play

• There is no age limit on who can purchase the tickets
• Members of the club, immediate family members or any person involved with the duck derby may buy a ticket 
• A fourth and fifth duck will be recorded in case one of the three initial winners does not claim their prize money
• Each duck will have a number placed on the underside; this will be a unique number and will start at 1 and go to 1000. 
• All unsold ducks will be removed for the derby prior to the start. 
• The ducks will placed in the creek buy a skid steer, no use of stick, hand or any other device will be allowed to move the ducks down the creek. 
• There will be a finish line approximately 500 meters from the start line, a rope will be placed approximately 6” above the water. 
• The first 5 ducks across the line will be recorded by video and manually removed and logged with the 1st duck receiving 30% of total proceeds, 2nd duck receiving 15% of total proceeds and the 3rd duck receiving 5% of total proceeds. 
• All other ducks will be collected from the creek after the first 5 cross the finish line, they will be collected by a net or by hand. 
• If the duck derby is unable to run due to lack of water in the creek, all corresponding duck numbers sold will be placed on ping pong balls and will be placed in rolling drum and will be hand drawn out. 
• 1st ball out will receive 30% of total proceeds, 2nd ball out will receive 15% of total proceeds and the 3rd ball out will receive 5% of total proceeds a 4th and 5th ball will be drawn in case of an unclaimed prize. 

The best of Luck.....And may the fastest duck win!!