The 2018 Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby Results

The Yorkton Rotary 4th Annual Duck Derby Race is now done!
This year, because of low water at Bulls Creek, The Duck Race was run in the Ghalleger Centre Wave Pool.  The Ducks were tossed pretty strongly as the race wore on, and a few looked to be a bit "green under the wings" but a hearty few made it to the back wall and "touched".
The Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby operates as a modified 50/50 draw with 50% of the total sales making the prize award pot. 1st Prize is awarded 30% of total sales, 2nd Place is awarded 15% of total sales and 3rd place is awarded 5% of total sales. 
The winners of the 2018 Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby Are:
1st Place: (ticket/duck #767) Rick Hubbs, winning $4,368.00 
2nd Place: (ticket/duck #826) Steven Laycock, winning $2,184.00
3rd Place: (ticket/duck #643) Ali Rusnack, winning $728.00
The Rotary Club of Yorkton and ALL the race ducks would like to thank ALL the race participants (ticket buyers) in this years Duck Derby.  All funds raised go towards funding the Yorkton Community Clubhouse and other local community and Youth initiatives!
We would also like to thank Yorkton Minor Football for their help and support of this initiative, and their hands on assistance during the running of the race!  
The ducks are now resting, and dealing with a few upset stomachs....but as duck number #999 was heard saying at the end of it all "we'll be back"!
Thanks Everyone!