The Rotary Club of Yorkton is proud to announce that various Yorkton charities and Social Initiatives may now request financial or manpower support online, Through our website.
Our Club is engaged in many local and global community initiatives, all we need  is to know more about yours!
While Application is no guarantee of support, If we don't know about your need - there is no way we can support it. There is no harm in asking, In fact - we look forward to each and every request!
To apply simply follow our menu pull-down to the "Your Cause - Our Interest" page, or simply Click Here.
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Well the 2016 Ducks have run and the race results are in, and verified!!!!

Despite some curve balls from mother nature, the Ducks raced in record time on Sunday! As per our rules, we select the first 5 ducks to cross the finish line, in the event that a prize is not claimed or the event that an unsold duck evades the pre-race cull of unsold ducks. The winning Racers from the 2016 Yorkton Rotary Duck Derby are:

First Duck:
First Prize
Duck #51, Sponsored by Greg Ottenbreit
Won: 30% of Total Sales or $5304.00

Second Duck:
Duck #349, Unsold. Second prize goes to Third Duck

Third Duck:
Second Prize
Duck # 374, Sponsored by Davis Kunkle
Won: 15% of Total Sales or $2,652.00

Fourth Duck:
Third Prize
Duck # 550, Sponsored by Mike Swan
Won: 5% of Total Sales or $884.00

Fifth Duck:
No Prize Awarded.
Derby Finishers:
The 2016 Duck Derby: Results Andrew Rae 2016-06-06 06:00:00Z 0
The Ducks have trained all winter for this, so come out and cheer them on! Give the ducks the support they deserve by buying their Number for Just $20. There are just 1000 Tickets being sold - so don't wait!!!! 
Proceeds of the Yorkton Duck Derby - 2018 go to funding the Yorkton Community Clubhouse and other local youth initiatives and projects.
Tickets can be purchased from any Yorkton Minor Football Association players or members, from any Local Rotarians or can be puchased at the following local and regional businesses:
  • Sherring Gold
  • Sherring Optical
  • Deneschuck Homes
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store - Yorkton
  • Lillian Timms Accounting (Churchbridge)
Tickets can also be ordered for purchase by emailing club ticket sellers at:

When ordering ordering by email please provide your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE # and EMAIL as well as the number of tickets you wish to purchase. A ticket seller will contact you directly.

Duck Race Yorkton Community Clubhouse Yorkton Duck Derby 2018 Yorkton Duck Race Yorkton Rotary
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Polio Eradication: Why we do it. 2015-10-18 06:00:00Z 0

But Nigeria (the last Polio Endemic Country in Africa) has dropped from 1,000's of Polio cases a year to zero. For the last year Nigeria has been Polio Free.  This means that in two years, if there is no recurrance of Polio in Nigeria or the rest of Africa, both Nigeria and the Continent of Africa Polio will be declared as eradicated.

We are no longer just "This Close". With 99.9% of the world Polio Free, we are on the verge of concluding our quest - the eradication of Polio from the world - forever.

Now the hard work begins......the last 0.01% will be the toughest.

They said it never could be done.... Andrew Rae 2015-08-10 06:00:00Z 0
Rotary - Doing Good In Haiti Andrew Rae 2014-12-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Apr 13, 2014

So, our club recently made a contribution to Shelter Box, and some had questions about what that really means.  Here is a great video put out by Shelterbox Canada that helps to answer that question!



If you want to "track" our clubs  Shelter Box kits (currently box # 10268, 10282 & 10283 are not deployed) , here is the link you need to do that:

Click here to track your Shelter Box


Shelter Box Donation: So, what happens next? 2014-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Mar 23, 2014

Wow!  Below is a recent Fellowship / PR / community Engagement event planned, organized and executed by Rotary Clubs in Vancouver.  You know,  I don't think our club has the "dancing chops" to pull of something like this.  Do we?

This event utilized clubs from all over Vancouver and looks to have even utilized some Interact & Rotaract members!

Any one up for a Flash Dance with a message?

(5 Rotary Bucks to the first person to spot the Wizard!)

Vibrant Club, Sh-mibrant Club! Andrew Rae 2014-03-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Mar 19, 2014

This video uses famous world events to describe the movement to eradicate Polio.  It really puts it into perspective as to how long this battle has been going on, how much work has been done, how CLOSE we are. with LESS than 1% to go, we can't stop now!

For more information on the World Wide Rotary Movement to eradicate Polio go to:



Why Stop at 99%? end Polio Now Andrew Rae 2014-03-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Mar 10, 2014

There are no countries that do not have need of Rotary International program support. 

Even countries that are close to the cultural & historical heart of our home town.

Services we take for granted that serve Yorkton,  are just now possible in the Ukraine.


Doing Good: In Ukraine Andrew Rae 2014-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Mar 10, 2014

This is a great story that shows how effective youth engagement at the local level, youthful passion, and the capabilities of Rotary International combine for truly amazing results. 



<iframe width="490" height="280" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)
Doing Good: Growing Local Economies Andrew Rae 2014-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Mar 10, 2014

A small, simple solution funded by Rotary International. 


This really speaks to the power of Rotary and the power behind our personal and club contributions to Rotary International.  If your ever asked, "why give", here is just one reason, one of of the thousands of world wide Rotary International projects, that answer the "why" .


Doing Good: Clean Drinking Water In Peru Andrew Rae 2014-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrew Rae on Feb 19, 2014

In this months Rotarian, you may have read of our organizations ties to this amazing young woman.  We all are aware that she is a courageous girl, following her faith and her belief that children should be free.  Free from violence, free to learn, free to grow and free - to enjoy life without fear.

Below is a video of her recent address to the UN Youth assembly.  Well worth the time to watch.

Malala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly Andrew Rae 2014-02-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Verna Law on Feb 13, 2012
Check out a new e-learning feature on the RI Web site called Rotary Basics Online.
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Posted by Verna Law on Jan 10, 2010
Check out a new e-learning feature on the RI Web site called Rotary Basics Online.
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Posted by Andrew Rae

So, You're asked a question, "What is Rotary"?

No Pressure.  You now have 8 seconds or less to make a positive lasting impression on a potential new memberThat is the basis of what salesmen call the "Elevator Speech".  It is a euphemistic name given to a response that generates continued interest in a subject between strangers in about as much time as it takes to travel between floors in a .........wait for it........Elevator.

That question is your biggest opportunity for you to recruit new members.  To each of us, Rotary means so much and yet - for each of us,our individual reasons for membership are different. But when someone shows enough interest to ask what Rotary is - what do you DO with that opportunity? 

So, what is YOUR response to that inquiry, how do YOU convey what Rotary is, and what it means to you - in 8 seconds or less?

Below is a short and fun video taken of Michael Angelo Caruso (Rotarian) during a Rotary Conference event where Rotarians lined up to give each other their best "Elevator Speech" response to that very question. Maybe you will adopt Michaels, maybe not.  

I do bet though, that all of us will start wearing our Rotary pins more often.


What is Rotary? Andrew Rae 0
Posted by Verna Law
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