A Rotary club can provide service to its community, retain members, and develop leaders for the club, district, and Rotary International only when its operations are efficient.

Club committees are charged with carrying out the club's long-range and annual goals. Each Rotary club has different needs and will establish committees to suit those needs.

  • Based on the best practices of effective Rotary clubs, the recommended standing club committees are:
  • Club administration - Conducts activities associated with the effective operation of the club, such as the weekly program and the club bulletin. The club treasurer and secretary are members of this committee.
  • Public relations - Develops and implements plans to provide the public with information about Rotary and promotes the club's service projects and activities.
  • Membership - Creates and implements a comprehensive plan for finding and keeping club members.
  • Service Projects - Plans and conducts projects that address the needs of the community and communities in other countries.
  • The Rotary Foundation - Supports the Foundation through both financial contributions and program participation.

Clubs can determine which subcommittees they want.