NEWS FLASH! We now have a direct Facebook link to Light Up Newcastle next year, give it a try
Helen & I went to visit Neville on Saturday morning,\ & we spent a pleasant couple of hours with him... he is in good spirits & happy to see us. He is in ward 15b at Toronto Private Hospital & has a direct line if you would like to give him a call & have a chat. The number is 4956 0625. His only complaint is the amount of liquid he is allowed to have, so strict that when they brought him a cup of tea they tipped out the equivalent amount of water from his daily rations! He did say he is looking forward to getting home & having a little "scotch" before dinner!
Gerry went to see Neville on Monday, he was just returning from the gym, saying he has used muscles he hasn't used since he was a young man!
So onto Sunday where I spent another day at the RLI seminar at East Maitland learning more about Rotary. Some very good ideas are coming out of these meetings, hope to be able to share them with you one night.
One item of mention is that Williamtown Rotary was working with a local school when they happened to be audited by The Children's Guardian, One member was found to have an expired WWC registration & was escorted from the school premises. My take on this which some people don't agree with is just register, forget the politics & save everyone the hassle! We don't want you to turn up to an event where there are children present & have to be sent home. How embarrassing! We may not all like these regulations but we have to comply, as I'm your "unpaid employer" I don't need the hassle either!
Bob C reported on the upcoming Trivia Night, tables are filling up quite fast, augers well for another successful night of Fun & Fundraising!
Bob also reported on the BBQ breakfast at Fort Scratchley on the 18th run by PROCARE in aid of the local Men's shed, 6.00 am start, finish around 9.30 am. Some good photos Gerry please.
Reminder from Brian.... he needs names for the S& E dinner on Thursday 29 October, plus names to supervise the students on the same afternoon & evening, plus some help to unload equipment on Thursday afternoon. Please get behind Brian & support him as we have done in the past... it's a great experience for the kids & adults too.
President Fred has asked for a volunteer to report on an article from RDU on 19 December;  he has indicated if no one volunteers come forward, then one of us is going to get the job, so look out it may be you!
I have 8 members registered to assist in the setting up & taking down of the displays  for the "Light Up Newcastle" Chinese New Year event next year. Please consider putting your name forward & as agreed I will register your name on the official website. As this is a club commitment, register as soon as possible please. If anyone would like to know more I can attach the latest minutes of the Lunar committee meetings for you.
Chris has submitted & has been approved by The Board that any future PHF award decisions are to be made by a minimum of 3 people from the Board. These will include The President or Secretary, both if they are not being considered, plus at least 2 members from the Board. By having this protocol in place the surprise of the award will still be intact & the responsibility of decision is shared by more than one person. The nomination should also be in writing.
As I'm prone to saying "it's on the web", well, here it is again.
18 October, Breakfast BBQ at Fort Scratchley 6.00 am start helping PROCARE, see Bob C for more info
18 October, National Graffiti Day, looks like we missed this one?
19 October, Dana Fuller, from Waratah Technology High School
23 October, Trivia Challenge co-hosted by Newcastle Sunrise & Wallsend Maryland at Adamstown Bowling Club, supporting Shelter Box
25 October, "The great Train Journey" to Murrurundi by coach for 19 members & friends to join in the celebrations of 50 years since the closure of the Murrurundi Locomotive Sheds! Looking forward to a fun day! I will email out final arrangements to members attending later on this week.
26 October, Guest speakers from Calvary Mater Hospital....... Ladies & partners night... numbers to Grant please
28 October, S&E dinner in the Brennan Room, students dinner & splash about in the Forum
29 October, S&E National finals held at the Forum
2 November, Melbourne Cup Party Night with visit from Wallsend/Maryland Rotarians
6 November, Our Trivia Night!
13 November, Celebrating Cardiff Rotary's 50th Anniversary
 Phew!, That's all for this week, it started off as a small update, I'm sure I have missed a few dates........ "Big Brother/Little Brother" will remind me!
Til next week