What a day! Where to start?
Here we go then -  after a rainy week Saturday 13th June turned out cloudy in the morning then turning to lovely sunshine later in the day which we all appreciated. A total of 13 members from our club  and 3 from Wallsend Maryland club. Words fail me, as you know I do get bit excitable sometimes but this time I do think it's worthwhile to take some time and make mention of few things that made the day so enjoyable........
What a wonderful experiencing we had working together, joking around and just plain observation of what took place.
We assembled the framework for the first greenhouse on the football field with a team of  "specialists" in no time flat,  while another team of "engineers" took on the task of raising an old metal frame bed high off the ground so the teachers and students could plant and grow a passionfruit vine over the framework. At stages we had up to six people deeply involved in this project with ideas flowing left and right.  Gerry amd Chris had to check the levels a few times and give some professional advice.
Meanwhile the first greenhouse frame had been moved into place and Gerry being a builder insisted that the structure should be made level.  Sadly, Gerry was unanimously outvoted so he went to contemplate the decision for a time. There were people stretching the cover over the frame,  more people attaching the velcro straps, wooden pegs were being hammered in to secure the frame off the ground to help eliminate rust all this going on while the second frame was being assembled.
A halt was called for morning tea where even more discussion took place on the project and who would be the skinniest to get between the units to secure them down. Even Chris ( or Tubby) was challenged to see if he could fit, but in the end Madeleine and Bob M won out.
Many photos were taken on the day and are posted on the website for all to see.
A special thanks to Philip, George and Jim from Wallsend Maryland Club who were a great help on the day, to Wilma (Jim's wife and Rotarian) for baking us a lovely cake, Vicki from the school who brought along a cake, Helen for providing morning tea and making sure everyone was signed in for the day and taking plenty of photos,  to Madeleine for letting Gerry and Chris to take over the project and to everyone else who contributed to the day in any way.
This is when you see the true spirit of Rotary doing good for others,  together and working for the betterment of the community.
Again thank you everyone for your support, lets hope we can participate in some more of these projects this year.
Attendees: Madeleine, Anne, Karen, Helen, Bob C, Bob M, Michael, Nev, Grant, Gerry, Chris, Doug, David, Philip, Jim, George, Fred