Through Gift of Life, Rotary Clubs worldwide are helping to save the lives of indigent children with congential heart defects by enabling them to receive needed heart surgery. To date, Gift of Life has provided funding for more than 15,000 children and hopes to do the same for at least another 3,000 kids every year. Several clubs in our district have formed the "Gift of Life 5340 Foundation" in order to help sponsor children for heart surgery. One hundred and ten (110) children have already been sponsored by the Foundation. 


Our Uganda program helped establish a sustainable Pediaric Cardiovascular Center at Mulago Hospital and we're now concentrating our efforts in the Caribbean at Bustamante Hospital in Jamica. Approximaely 400 Jamaican children are born each year with congenital heart defects. The Jamaica program was created in 2000 and since then, over 30 children have been provided life-saving surgeries through its efforts.  Our focus for the next several years will be to fund surgeries for as many children as we are able.   For additional images, see the 2013 District Conference at:
For more information about how you or your club can become part of this wonderful project please contact: